Thursday, July 28, 2005

The BEST news i EVER got!!!

Hi there Minna!!

How are you doing all? With me is everything more than allright!!! Because Tomorrow (satuday) i am gonna FFFIIINNAALLYY to Japan! I really really really can not wait!
It came as a suprize... my boyfriend wanted to visit me during the summer, for a week or so... but he has invited me to come to Japan instead!!!!
I thought i was dreaming!
This couldnt be true!
now everything is settled, everything packed, am I ready to go!!! I will stay there from 31th July untill 14 October..

I still can not believe it... but i am getting sooo exited to see my Love finally.. I even got him a kinda special suprize for him... to show how gratefull i am...

Watch out Japan. Here i come..

Finally I am going home!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Anna and the King

IT was a hard day for me today, i still wondering how i did survived but after a day i went to my beloved DVD player and Television and watched my very favourite movie: Anna and the King...

I do love this movie so much! I saw it for the first time on a tv channel and after that i did go to the stores to get this movie...
I love the story, it is a good story, based on the dairies of Anna Leonowens(in the movie played by Jody Foster) She was invited to come to Siam (now Thailand) to educate the King Mongkoet's ( Chow Yun-Fat) son and later disided all the children. But the diffrences between her custumes and that of Siam. They completly misunderstood eachother many times and she mostly have a strong opinion about slaves and stuff like that. The king will be betrayed and one of his concubines (Tuptim) wanted to leave him, a tradical love romance. This movie has it al: Romance, exiting parts, learning moments, and let you think about live on a diffrent way.

But the most terrible part of the movie, one past always make me cry, is when one of his daughter FA- Ying is dying.. its sooo sad.. I cry every time when i see it. She is such a adorable and sweet girl and daddy's little girl. you can see that this girl is his favourite daughter....and his heart brake when his precious died...
"As the sun rizes she will surrender the night, but she'll always be with him even when he can not see her"

i love the quote in the movie. he was talking about Fa-Ying, but i can not help it thinking about the same with my boyfriend. he is thousands of miles away from me and i miss him alot... :'(

the moment when Fa-Ying dies in the arms of her father and in front of Anna Leonowens, her teacher.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Princess

There is born a new princess in the Netherlands!
This will become the second princess of the crown prince and princess.
The princess was born at june 26th. Untill today we didnt know the names of the newbe, but now we finally know:

Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien

here is a picture of her and her daddy... crown prince Willem-Alexander

Sunday, June 26, 2005

t.t. in Assen

At 25 june 2005 was it the big day again. The t.t in Assen (Drente). Every year we have here a big motorcycle event!! I was supposed to go there for some year. Its soooo cool there and so much fun. This year it was the 75th time that this event was going to be. the motorcycles ride over about 16 miles!!! After the big race, there is no need to go home. Everything is there, music, motor cycles, ice cream, food, drinks everything to make a day the perfect day. I wish i could go this year, but i am hoping for next year.. maybe i can take my boyfriend with me... ne what do you say?

the map what they will race... with the new floating platform...

Friday, June 24, 2005


Today is a heavy day for me. I have to teach my best friend Japanese.
ITs not that i dont want to, because i like to teach everyone who needs it!
We are not going very far... sigh. I wish my Love was online, i could ask him, since he is Japanese!!!! ^_^ I miss him very much, but he has to clear a project and i am bothering him all the time, so... Gambare Makoto!!!!! i cheer on you!!!!!!

sigh.. i have to go back to my student... i hope i can learn her the language.....

~X~ Usagi-chan

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

wedding dresses

Maybe its a fact that almost every girl wants to get married once. Its her biggest dream...
The day that i desided to become clothdesigner, i wanted to design my own wedding dress, still i have a lot to learn, but someone in my country who is a very famous wedding dress designer said once: when you cry when you put on a weddingdress because you like it so much, it is destination that its gonna be your weddingdress...

When i was looking at some Sailormoon pages, to search for nice pictures to draw, i saw this picture..(makoto please close your eyes... its not destiny for you to see it yet *^_^*)

and i will try to design a weddingdress who is gonna be the mainpart of my future dress. ( i am talking about the middle one or do you want to see it) Not that there is gonna be a wedding for me, (althoug i am dreaming about it, cause i met my prince on the white horse and NO its not Koichi or Yoshiki!!!)
anyway when i am done with it, i will put up the drawings of it...


Sunday, June 19, 2005

I was very bored today, since my friend did go off horse riding, leaving me behind...
Today, i am so confused about yesterday. I dont know if i can speak about it, but my heart was ragging yesterday when the love of my life asked me something. i was depressed yesterday and he made my day worth living again with a few single question. Since he isnt online and i am not sure if i dreamed it, i will keep it a secret untill he give me premission, otherwise i will be silent...

anyway, i was looking for some Sailormoon gifs for in my MSN Messenger, and i found some pictures of Mamouru and Usagi together. Thats why i made this picture. I hope you'll like it. Its not the best drawing i made, but i like it. It reminds me of someone hihi...

have a nice day minna....

oh and makoto... i hope you had/have a very nice day in that fuji speed way (?) and have much fun. I hope you'll make pictures...